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Character Name: Kyler Marie [PB: Becky Lou Filip.]
Journal: kylersays
AIM: kyler at dawn
Age: 16, almost 17
Job seeking:
Reason for being sent Niihau: Bibliomania, twenty-four counts petty theft, two counts of Grand theft, symptoms synonymous with OCD.
Biography: Kyler was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was raised in a house with her mother, her grandmother and her little brother. Her father had passed away of terminal lung cancer when she was only six year old and her brother was one. Her father was very encouraging of her love of books, buying her and everyone she wanted. If there was a book she saw, she wanted it. Half the time, she never read the books, simply just piled them in her closet.

After her father died, her love of books got more intense than it had before and her mother simply thought it was because it was because they reminded her of her father. When her mother wouldn't buy her a book, she'd simply steal it. When her mother went in to clean her room one day, she was shocked to see her daughter's room overrun by books to the point the only spot that was clear was a small spot on the bed where Kyler slept. Finding her daughter had a problem, she was eventually diagnosed with Bibliomania.

As time went on, Kyler's problem only got worse. Though she would steal any book that caught her eye, every time she saw a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, she felt this compulsive need to steal it and then bury every copy she brought home in the backyard in the middle of the night. It was all going perfectly until one day, when she was caught and arrested for stealing a book.

That's where she met him. He was the epitome of the word interesting to Kyler, and pretty much the most attractive guy she had ever seen. Blonde hair, tall, killer smile. He was mysterious to her at first, which was probably what had hooked her to him in the first place. Over the next couple months, Kyler became hopelessly devoted to him and despite the fact they met at the police station, her mother approved of him because of the fact Kyler seemed less interested in books. Over that period of time, Kyler's book collecting was at an all time low. Everything seemed perfect....until she found out she was pregnant.

He was gone the day he found out. He left Kyler alone, scared and pregnant at the tender age of 15. When her mother found out, she was devastated. Kyler might have had her problems, but she was a bright girl and it killed her mother to have to watch her throw her future away. During her pregnancy, not only did her Bibliomania take a turn for the worst, she began developing symptoms of OCD. She began retracing her steps for absolutely no reason, disinfecting everything she would ever contact with, and becoming extremely picky of what she put in her mouth or near her face among a couple other things such as randomly repeating herself, mostly she did it for what she thought was the baby's welfare and assumed it would just go away after the baby was born.

The day Avery was born was most likely the scariest day of her life. The fact that she had really had been carrying another human being around for nine months and the fact that she was now responsible for that human being hit her the second she held the tiny baby in her arms for the very first time. She spent the next couple days in the hospital crying, to the point where the doctor's had her tested for Postpartum depression but she was just scared. Though the doctor's were reluctant to let her leave with the baby, they were finally convinced when her mother promised she'd keep a watchful eye over her.

Two years later, her OCD and Bibliomania had gotten worse. Her room, along with the nursery were filled to the brim with books, and at least twenty more copies of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland had been buried in her backyard. She would take Avery out everyday, sneak a book or two into her baby stuff and would leave. Everything was working out until a rare bookstore found it's way into Kyler's life. That was finally her downfall, when she was caught with a first edition copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland worth 27,000 dollars and a first edition copy set of Winnie the Pooh stories worth 47,500 dollars.

Seeing as Kyler was a mother and suffered from several disorders, the court decided against her serving her sentence in Juvie, and sent her to Niihau with Avery. Though her mother was against the idea of a two year old in a reform school, family was the most important thing for Kyler and it would have broken her heart to lose her. As far as Kyler was concerned, there was no place better for Avery to be than with her mother, no matter where her mother ended up.
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